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On five summer evenings between May and September 2022 five terrific teams once again turned The Royal Gardens of Harrenhausen, acclaimed as the „best historic garden in Europe” into a splendid backdrop for magnificent pyrotechnic displays.  Year in, year out, stunning heavenly paintings in combination with perfectly matching music enchanted the spectators of the International Fireworks Competition. This spectacle in extremely beautiful surroundings never fails to amaze spectators with endlessly new choreographies, thanks to the best pyrotechnic artists in the world. This year each chosen company represented its continent: Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe. We were choosen to represent EUROPE. 

Hours before darkness descended on the baroque gardens, the supporting programme of live music, walking acts and dramatic art whetted the spectators’ appetite for the main event. The main task for the contestants was to use and emphasize the elements of the garden scenery. Despite the persistent rain, the show of our company as the representatives of Europe, turned out to be the most suitable for the assumed criteria. We won the first place by the jury's decision.


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