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Professional pyrotechnics


Performing pyrotechnics shows our requirements on the range, in particular the quality of imported products are very high. Several years of searching for the most stable, repeatable quality and safe fireworks now guarantees cooperation with repeatability of supply and very good quality. It should also mention our, although not at such a high scale as China suppliers from Spain, Italy and Germany, as well as exclusive distribution of products such as:

PYROCLOC –Italian manufacturer of pyrotechnic retardant systems

MONETTI (LINK) FIREMASTER – Italian radio firing systems

PARENTE (LINK) KINGDOM –Chinese radio firing systems(LINK)

METAPYRO – igniters from Czech manufacturer. (LINK)

Direct contact on offer:

Jarosław Suzdalewicz mobil +48 501738222

Sebastian Cwajna mobil +48 509559041